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  • Jazz Brushes
    Jazz Brushes

    Pictograms to improve your jazz drumming technique. Format 30x30 cm46...

    29,50 €

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  • Boussaguet Bass Book Choix du ton
    Boussaguet Bass Book

    Méthode de Contrebasse de Pierre Boussaguet. Cet ouvrage a pour...

    46,00 €
  • Talma

    La partition originale de Talma de Pierre Boussaguet, générique de...

    2,99 €
  • Jazz Drums Legacy Sommaire
    Jazz Drums Legacy

    Le langage de la batterie jazz par Guillaume Nouaux. 180 pages de...

    36,00 €
  • Bass Fundamentals
    Bass Fundamentals

    Enfin un ouvrage d'exercices fondamentaux pour les bassistes et...

    24,00 €

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2mc Editions offers scores of fine quality music as a graphic in the service of music and musicians.

Collection Gioccarpa music and transcriptions for harp, harp duet or ensemble with harp method of bass, Drums Jazz Legacy, each partition or volume collection of our catalog is the result of a meeting with designers on the initiative of an educational or artistic project in which we bring our mastery of engraving and musical layout.

Our scores are printed in France on recycled paper for the well being of the planet.